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Startling Opioid Facts

Instead of an accusatory way of, “Whoa, have you cleaned out your medicine cabinet? Are you watching your child?” For me, it’s been a great way to sort of talk about, “Oh, I have this great new client. Have you heard about this product?” For me, it’s been a great segue into having conversations with my daughters’ friends. ~Lisa Mortier on DisposeRx

According to the Journal of drug abuse, 89% of consumers are looking for a safe and convenient way to dispose of these unwanted medications.

The Center for Disease Control says nearly 72,000 overdose deaths occured in 2017, more than the number of men and women lost during the VietNam war, and over 42,000 of these deaths involved opioids.

Leftover drugs remain in home medicine cabinets for an average of three years – that’s one-thousand and ninety-five days of opportunity to contribute to a new addictions.


Lisa Mortier – Lobbyist Steptoe & Johnson – interview excerpt

John Holaday – DisposeRx CEO – interview excerpt

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